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Trust management
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  • Lots of folks confuse bad management with destiny Elbert Hubbard (1859-1915)

Trust management

Long-term cooperation on business management, basic principle – “fee from success”. We obtain an award not for the process of management, but for results and achievements of your business.

It is about complex management of:

  • Businesses (based on passing of functions of a sole executive body)
  • Portfolio of assets and real estate units

Service addressed to:

  • Owners of small and middle-size business that are not satisfied with business results
  • Owners of small and middle-size business that are not satisfied with management results
  • Owners of small and middle-size business who have to concentrate their time and resources for the new project, and management of the current business needs to be raised for the new level.

YUYDI Experts solve the following tasks:

  • Improvement of management quality
  • Decreasing of business costs both managerial and operational
  • Increasing of business profitability
  • Getting business out of crisis
  • Development and realization of business strategy  
  • Releasing your time and resources for new projects
  • Releasing your time for your favorite activities

Interaction steps:

  • Business audit
  • Fixing of current business parameters
  • Development of long and middle-term business program and its indicators
  • Setting conditions for cooperation
  • Making a list of additional functions passing to YUYDI for outsourcing (accounting services, legal services, budgeting, etc.)
  • Organization of effective management (cost saving, stimulation of sales), diversification of business, if required
  • Operational business management with regular reporting to a business owner
  • Annual reporting, assessment of achievements  
  • Mutual settlement of accounts for reporting period    


It is just because we are confident of success!

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