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Crisis management
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  • Sick institution can not cure itself. Patient and surgeon must not be in one person C.N. Parkinson (1909-1993)

Crisis management

The word “crisis” comes from Greek “krisis”. Its translation has many meanings but all of them are combined in one sense which means “solution”. Crisis in a particular organization does not come suddenly. There is a line of events preceding it and   wrongly made “decisions” in their basis both tactic and strategic.  However, the crisis situation itself is a “turning point”, the point of making important “decision”.

The word “crisis” in Chinese is marked with two hieroglyphs. One of them means “threat and fear”, another – “opportunity”.  The way your business will go through a crisis depends whether you are paralyzed by “fear” , what “decisions” will be made and the way you will use “opportunities” – all of it implies to an appropriate estimation of your business potential and many, many other  “decisions” made hourly in the course of anti-crisis activities.   

YUYDI Experts have unique experience of taking small and middle-size companies and even holding structures out of crisis.   

Difficulties of crisis management happen also through necessity of making several complicated processes at the same time  such as manual-crisis management , business reorganization, increase of business efficiency, creating new management system and many others.  

However, crisis has another dangerous effect – demoralization, demotivation of team and it is impossible to get out of crisis, develop the business in the future without overcoming it, as every company it is first of all its employees.    

Professional team of YUYDI Experts is irreplaceable here. Having special knowledge and skills, they will do all anti-crisis activities, teach, develop and lead current team of your employees on a completely new level of motivation.

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