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Change management
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  • All changes are connected with inconvenience even if they turn for the better Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Change management

Business is not static, it is dynamic. As its environment is dynamic, business has to change in accordance with the environment. It has to be “Mobilis in mobile” (mobile in mobile element).

There are always changes in business due to that reason. Changes are, in fact, part of successful business. System of “change management” is a functional module deeply integrated into the business.

Business must be designed in view of that module as a part of ship steering system.  As an “experienced captain” routes, prepares his team and ship for a future cruise, anticipating possible difficulties and problems on the travel line, the same way a director of a company increases significantly chances of business for success, modulating  scenarios and creating a structure which can overcome all possible difficulties on its way.     

This is one of the definition of “change management” in business. But there is another one as “management of large-scale or difficult changes”. Management in a period of changes in business, creation of new directions, business reorganization, crisis management, etc. Out of many reasons, one can not always do it with inner resources. Special knowledge and skills are required.   YUYDI Experts have all of that.

It is not a secret that Russian business or rather business owners make changes very rarely, “when it is impossible to bear any more” or when business is like a ship stuck into ice captive and its sides are cracked out of press from ice lumps. There is an explanation for that position – it is a fear in front of employees’ confrontation and as a result of that the goal will not be achieved. Is there an alternative? No, because non-interference will only sharpen the problem.   .

Overcoming of resistance must be done before changes themselves. YUYDI Experts take the whole set of actions required for realization of successful changes. To say more correctly, they will secure your achievement of “the purpose of changes”. Our experts will:    

  • make an audit;
  • define clearly results that will characterize  the purpose of changes;
  • model and form detailed plan of changes;
  • prepare ideological background for changes;
  • provide employees’ awareness and information exchange;
  • make changes, using “project management” as a tool for change management;
  • achieve  the purpose of changes.
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