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  • Who does not know which harbour to swim, does not have favorable wind Seneka (IV BC ..)


The word “strategy” has become nominal in the modern Russia. However, development of business is impossible without a long-term plan with many scenarios and target guiding line.

Multi-scenario approach is a consequence of analysis and modeling of risks and opportunities, inner factors and external conditions.  

Multi-scenario approach  creates also flexibility of reaction.

Lack of plan with many scenarios and control of its performing results in nothing good. At the beginning of the route we see our goal very clearly and even imagine the right path to it. However, when “storm” comes, our routine activities take us away from the initial “right” plan. These are the peculiarities of human weaknesses, conscience and memory.    

Have you or your company ever experienced it?  

You will say that there is a way out, it is a control:

  • it is a superior for an ordinary employee,
  • general manager and/or business owner for his superior,

but we are all human beings, including superiors and nothing human is strange to us.

The thing that will enable not to retreat from the “right plan” is its development, formalization and the instrument which will objectively evaluate it (provided that the plan is right) and force the company to follow it. How is it possible to retreat from it, if it exists?

YUYDI experts have knowledge and experience of using the best methods of strategic planning. We carry out comprehensive analysis and develop effective plan with many scenarios.     

Strategy is a well-analyzed consistency of actions directed to solving the main task of business – how “to earn”, as the only purpose of any (normal) business is “income”.

One of the basic directions of YUYDI’s activity is to solve that important task of “how to earn” and “where to earn”. We have our own unique method of “creative business planning”.

There are new business ideas, perspective projects  in the YUYDI innovation R&D laboratory including those which are based on innovation technologies as well as projects with low cost of entrance and significant prospect for the growth of the market.

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