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  • In whole, art of management of many is the same as management of one, it is a question of organization Sun Tzu (V century BC)


There is a set expression  “correspondence of structure, goal and strategy”. The correspondence concerns also the structure of business - quantity and work of business units, and keeping/managing of corporative structure. Correspondence of a company’s organizational structure, division/department and of course the structure of a particular project.

While making organizational planning, one should take into account the following things:

  • Decomposition is made from a general to a special and then vice versa
  • Correspondence of company’s organizational structure to its strategy (method of achieving a goal)
  • Correspondence of the type of organizational structure to specific character of company
  • Undivided authority and keeping span of management
  • Correspondence of authority and responsibility
  • Connection of main business processes and company’s divisions
  • One division is to be responsible for important function
  • There must be a “master” for each important business process
  • And some other parameters

One of the problem of Russian business is high cost of “managerial expenses” per a ruble of income.  To put it simple, there is a high management cost in Russia. There are two basic reasons for that: lack of organizational structures (adequate to the strategy) and effective modern tools of management.  

Many years’ practical experience of YUYDI Experts has shown unique efficiency of created solutions where “not a big thing manages a big one”.

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