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  • The only things that arise spontaneously in a company are mess, friction and misuses Robert Townsend (1920-1998)


Success of any business, small or big, regardless of its field depends on quality of management.   One should understand under management (in a broad sense of the word) systemic and addressed influence on business, influence serving for achievement of a goal.    

Systemic influence means a set of managerial tools which can be combined with a definition “Business management operating system”. Business management operating system consists of four “fundamental blocks”:

  • operating planning (natural planning)*
  • financial planning (budgeting as a process)
  • general document circulation*
  • human resources management,

The system is called in USA “Administrative management system”.

*These blocks assume controlling as an in-built process.


Elements of those blocks exist in an arsenal of any business management (even in the smallest one) in one or another combination and not in a systematic or formalized way. Otherwise, the business is doomed… 

You should only understand and appreciate efficiency of  “managerial set” which you use, as  business efficiency depends on it in a linear way.   

The thing is not only about all the mentioned above tools, but also on a level and quality of their mutual integration. The level of interconnection with the strategy of your business (global plan with many scenarios) is to be taken into account as well.

Under all these “beautiful definitions” hide simple processes subject to algorithmization and formalization. In case of the middle-size businesses, the processes even do not need to be automated.   

The main thing during implementation and/or efficiency improvement of similar systems is to train your staff, rebuild their mentality and minimize rejection from those changes.

Our Experts have significant experience at analyzing business demands, finding out existing shortcomings and managing changes while implementation of managerial tools. We professionally create management systems giving tangible (financially) business results, and additional income is the main indicator of management efficiency improvement.    We create and conduct our systems, for development of management system is a not appropriate for “internal business resources”.   

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