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  • Trust only those who are courageous enough to contradict you, if needed, and who prefers your good name to your grace Katherine II, Russian empress (1729-1796)


Legal consulting of business became a separate group of professional services only in Russia. The preconditions of that were excess legal regulation of business, narrow specialization of lawyers and many other things.

One should think about legal support of business in Russia well in advance of activity. Taking into account the velocity and deepness of changes made in law, you should always do monitoring and analyze effects on the business out of that.

Deep knowledge of law and experience of its using facilitates in achieving your goals and development of the business, decrease costs and minimize risks. Lack of knowledge about law and experience of its using leads accordingly to opposite results and is fatal for business consequences.  

Russian educational system has produced a huge quantity of specialists with degrees in law for the last years, even more then there are legal entities. However, in most cases those specialists are capable of rendering minimal services for “ordinary company’s economic activity”.  

We assume that legal consulting of business (solving difficult tasks) must be done by managers-lawyers, those who possess the following things:

  • interdisciplinary knowledge
  • experience of management work in business
  • good experience of court practice
  • academic (law) education.


Our deep understanding of basic and supportive processes, economic basis of business activity enables to see requirements of your business, develop qualified individual solutions.

Traditional directions of law consulting:

  • Corporate law and M&A (mergers and acquisitions)
  • Tax law
  • Economical activity
  • Labor law
  • Intellectual property
  • Stocks and financial institution
  • Real Estate transactions
  • Mining and subsoil usage

Our Experts make professional solutions and render legal services for the whole period of company’s life circle starting from drawing up constituent documents, incorporation, legal support of its activity, reorganization and till the process of liquidation.   

Our basic directions:

  • creating effective corporate systems of ownerships/management
  • arrangement and optimization of corporate systems in holding structures
  • creating systemic process of legal document circulation
  • implementation of systems for claim and court activity
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