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Human Resources Management
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  • Grow a tree for ten years, grow men for a hundred Old Chinese proverb

Human Resources Management

People come in a company by the same reason that they leave. They need to be in demand, they need inspiration and material satisfaction.

Since the moment of creating system of “Scientific organization of labor” human resource management (HRM) has gone far away from “Technocratic approach to HRM” (where a person is a ordinary resource of a company, and management is being done by methods of monetary stimulation) to the system of “Humanistic approach to HRM” (where a person is a quite valuable resource, and management is based on psychological approach). 

Our model of HRM is a combination of those two approaches. It enables to make employees (their knowledge, motivation and loyalty) one of the most competitive advantages of the company.

The model enables to optimize costs for a staff through decrease of personnel outflow, to increase labor efficiency and efficiency of personnel in general (especially those ones that are connected to a intellectual work). All of that is possible with decrease of relative financial component in a general motivation.   

What is it low personnel efficiency? Fist of all this is inadequacy of costs for personnel to their labor contribution. In most cases in Russia the problem is not in a poor-quality personnel, the problem is in lack of organizational structures (adequate to the strategy) and effective modern tools of management.  Lack of planning and clear fixing of authorities and responsibility, clear tasks and instructions, etc. all of that leads to chaos. Moreover, practice of “punishing of the innocent and awarding of not implicated” is booming, and this is already demotivation.    

Task of HRM is impossible to overestimate, this one of the four the most important process of the company. However, the best effect for a business can be achieved only in combination with the rest of three processes of “System of operational business management”.

We are followers of accurate (well-considered and calculated) approach when we are talking about changes connected with people. Staff demotivation is worse than lack of effective motivation, and a person accepts and evaluates any novelties very subjectively, basing on his own experience, culture, etc.  

Our Experts have significant experience of realization of complex projects on creating systems of human resource  management as well as their separate blocks:  

  • planning of organizational and personnel structures
  • formalization of HRM process (development of regulations and instructions, etc)
  • planning, searching, choosing, hiring of staff
  • development and realization of staff adaptation programs
  • development  of training program
  • staff assessment
  • implementation of staff record-keeping process
  • development of motivation system.
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