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  • Amass a lot of money - courage; save them - wisdom and skill to spend it – art Berthold Auerbach (1812-1882)


Financial consulting is quite a wide concept including the whole set of questions connected with corporate finance management, starting from budgeting (which is a rather significant process) up to the investment management and accounting.   

In our opinion “finances” and “non-effective management” are antonyms. It is impossible to manage finances inefficiently in business. Well, it is possible but not for a long period of time. Budget system is one of the most important tools of finance operative management.  

One should understand a global business process under budgeting, namely:

  • not only system of financial plans (annual, quarterly, monthly, decade)
  • limitation of articles
  • but also management accounting
  • analysis
  • and accounting.

The business process is coordinated with the whole tax model and the model of assets protection.    
Budget system regulates the movement of finances, balance of incoming and out-coming flows, lack of cash rupture.  It enables to make separate accounting by centers of fiscal accounting and responsibility, divisions, products, etc. It optimizes financial-economic activity in general.  

Our Experts are knowledgeable at different methods and available tools of financial management. Availability here means applying the “tool” appropriate for Client’s “tasks” and his possibilities.  We offer development and implementation of budget regulation, rules of self-cost management, accounting management and their following support.

Doing investment consulting our experts will make the following:

  • complex development of investment programs
  • or evaluation of investment reasonability according to your programs 
  • develop legal model for involvement of financial resources
  • and many other things.

Not many companies pay proper attention to accounting, and this is not the last process in financial management. Doing it professionally, you will have the “opportunities”, doing it wrong you will have “threat”.

Professional implementation and support of this process is one of the substantial competences of our Experts.

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