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Development of business opportunities
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  • the middle of difficulty lies opportunity Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Development of business opportunities

Events of last years revealed irreversibility of macroeconomic changes resulting in necessity of “changes” in business as precondition of its survival and development.   

So called “good times” have ended up, they are unlikely to return. This fact is the “beginning of the end” of booming for noncompetitive and inefficient middle or small business.

Business efficiency is a multicomponent thing. It is like a body where there is a clear dependency of health state of organs on each other. It is impossible to decrease expenses, increase working efficiency, etc without a clear view regarding “potential” of business and a plan with many scenarios for realization of that potential.   

There is no linear relationship between potential of business and current financial state of business. Potential of business is a complex of opportunities:

  • professional (staff),
  • technological,
  • geographical,
  • lobbying,
  • historical,
  • and many others,

and only the right combination of them (focus on a special market sector at the exact period of time), can bring impressive economic results. And vice versa…   

Huge experience of our Experts has shown that more than 80% of businesses have potential for  successful development. However, that potential is not used properly, efforts and resources are directed in wrong way (not appropriate product, service or market sector). But if you look at business from the side of its owner, you will see a goal of business – profit.   

If there is a chance to realize its real potential in the field, where it will bring appropriate results, one should definitely use that chance without hesitation. .

Experts of YUYDI’s business innovation laboratory have unique knowledge, experience and tools for developing business potential as well as perspective business projects/products/services oriented for unoccupied and/or low-competitive market niches with good prospects of growth.  

Sure thing that even significant and well-focused potential can be realized badly because of poor implementation and lack of effective operational business management. 

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