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Project management
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  • Everybody advises easily, but far not everybody undertakes responsibility Gaius Cornelius Tacitus (AD 56 – AD 117.)

Project management

Project is a task measured by time, costs and results.


In our modern economy and business, projects are part of any company regardless of a field of activity or tasks staying in front of them:

  • it can be a need for internal organizational changes or implementing of difficult solutions;
  • development of new directions or creation of new business;
  • creating new products or mechanisms, including high-tech, even on phases of research & development;
  • building and reconstruction of realty objects and complexes;
  • and many other things.


The bigger and more complicated projects are, the more components external as well as internal exist there and more qualified and based on methodology management is required to achieve a desired goal.    

YUYDI proposes full responsibility for project results (terms, quality and cost ) doing  outside project management and not project consulting  

“YUYDI Project office” shall be methodological and organizational platform guarantying realization of the project.  

Passing of project management to YUYDI Experts will enables you:

  • to achieve planned project results;
  • to optimize financial and time costs;
  • to manage effectively risks and minimize losses;
  • to have full, professionally prepared, topical information about phase of project realization.
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