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Financial investigations
+7 495 222 62 84
  • Every wise man punishes not because of misdeed, but for it will never happen again Seneca (1BC - 65 AD.)

Financial investigations

One of the most burning issues for a business and its owners is topic of corporate fraud. In most cases abusers use the most popular schemes: kickbacks, cooperation with  fictitious companies, forgery. However, the are more sophisticated ones…

Statistics shows that depending on the business field and the stage of its development (investment, exploitation, manufacture, etc), 2/3 of misuses are done by employees of junior and medium segment, and 1/3 of misuses relates to TOP-management. And as for the amounts of fraud (meaning money) the figures are vice versa, 2/3 of the total amount of damage is done by the TOP-management.

The reasons of that are lack of effective business management operative systems in general and control function in particular.

That service is meant for:

  • Owners of small and middle business
  • Company managers
  • Project managers

We help solve the following tasks:

  • Confirm or refute suspicions regarding dishonest and wrongful acts as well as misuses done by officials   
  • Make comprehensive inspection (collect evidence) of dishonest and wrongful acts done by officials and third persons 
  • Make audit of business/projects concerning facts of wrongful acts, misuse and fraud
  • Minimize investment and operational costs out of embezzlement and accounting perversion. 

Our Expert will minimize risks from misuse and wrongful acts through regulation of business processes and their centralization. All decisions will be made collectively.  

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