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Business support
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  • He who works the whole day has no time to earn money Rockefeller (1839-1937)

Business support

External support of business is a handover of minor functions and processes to YUYDI’s Experts for a full service (what is called outsourcing). Passing part of the functions and processes of small business to outside (professional) executors is effective and popular service including in Russia. Time has shown that it is very beneficial thing.  

The main advantage of it is release of resources (time, facility, places, etc), including Your personal time which in turn enables you to concentrate on the main business processes. It is difficult to disagree with the Rockefeller’s quotation that “He who works the whole day has no time to earn money”.  

But there are many other no less important factors which can be attributed to advantages of outsourcing:

  • Usage of other important experience and professional knowledge
  • Improvement of  quality and efficiency of business processes
  • Cost optimization (wage fund, taxes, etc.)
  • Minimization of investment in equipment, software and infrastructure, including its modernization and operational costs for its maintenance  
  • And many others

The crisis has revealed and clearly showed such problem as deficit of professionals. There are not many of them and they cost a lot. This problem is very topical for small and middle-size business. Lack of good specialists leaves traces on business results such as lost opportunities, damage through mistakes of employees (accountants, lawyers), absence of complex view for cost optimization or business development. Hiring good specialists will result in increase of business costs and will not give you proportional increase of income in the nearest future.    

External support of business is a “unique competence” for a reasonable price required for a period of cost optimization or period of business development (creation of new one). Under such difficult and important for a business conditions, conditions of transformation, YUYDI experts will provide you with:

  • Accounting services
  • Legal services
  • Staff services
  • Outsourcing of “Project office” function
  • And many other individual services
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