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Privacy Policy
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Privacy Policy

Careful attitude and protection Clietns’ information is one of the YUYDI priorities. 

We consider keeping Clietns’ commercial classified information as a precondition for successful functioning and development of their business.

YUYDI’s activity is directed for constant growth of our Clietns’ companies capitalization.  That is why questions of confidentiality are seriously taken into account. 

A mode of protection for commercial classified information received from a Client has been implemented in YUYDI and is kept very strictly. There are legal, organizational, technical and other actions used for protection of confidential information. Confidential information non-disclosure agreement has been signed with every YUYDI employee. Internal audit of keeping rules and instructions for protection of confidential information is performed regularly.   

There is a special document circulation regarding documents with confidential information.

Constant informational and analytical work is performed with a purpose of finding out internal and external threats of disclosure of confidential information.  

Only the team leading a particular projects knows information about our Clients (every Expert in a volume defined by his competence). 

We do not disclose information about cooperation with our Cliends without their prior consent.   

Cooperating with us, you can be sure that we will save the information that you trusted us. 

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