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Our experience
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  • Men of experience succeed even better than those who have theory without experience Aristotle (384-322 BC.)

Our experience

Field of our activity is a market of private investment and trust management of assets. This requires from YUYDI experts secure of the information about our Clients and Trusters. Even the general data that we want to show about the projects done or ongoing projects should be approved by our clients.  

Crisis management

Manufacturing holding that is located in many areas:

  • Structure – manufacturing division, transport and logistic division, sales division  (branch network throughout RF)
  • Quantity of staff – more that three thousands

Real situation at the beginning of project:

  • Manufacture has been stopped (strikes)
  • Managers and team are demoralized
  • Balance of turnover is less than 30% of needed
  • Arrears of wage is more that 4 months.
  • Huge account payable (partners and budget of all levels.)
  • Broken technological connections

Taking a company out of crisis, (implementation of direct management, termination of strikes, work with creditors, etc.), renewing technological circle or the manufacture in general with passing it to the current management.

Reorganization of holding, creating new corporative structure or organizational structures, creating Management company (MC), forming MC.

Arrangement of processes for regular and manufacturing management.  

Results of project:

  • revenue has increased trice (till $280 000, 000, per year);
  • renewed market positions;
  • expenses have been optimized (including purchase of raw materials on 14%*), inventory management has been organized;
  • unprofitable points have been take off manufacture, implemented new ones;
  • quantity of staff is optimized on 16%*  (including management staff);
  • arrears of wage has been eliminated. 

*Indicators are presented in comparison with similar ones of before-the-crisis period.


Project management (creating perspective manufacturing projects)

Creating manufacturing holding from green field:

  • Structure – manufacturing division, logistic division, sales division, constructional division
  • Quantity of staff is more than one thousand

Project results:

Manufacturing holding has been created from green field.  

Management company was created on the basis of Project office. The project team has been formed.

There has been developed the following things:

  • concept, investment program and business plan of the project, tax model in accordance with model of possession and assets protection,
  • corporative and organizational structure

Status of priority national project has been received.

Constant management has been created, including:

  • financial management,
  • planning,
  • project management (PMBOK guide),
  • system of economic security for investment process (tender policy, purchasing policy, inspection policy),
  • methodology of construction economy, formalized interaction with Client’s departments,
  • staff policy (selection, adaptation, training, evaluation), system of work measurement,
  • formalized activity,
  • formalization of interaction within company,
  • system of logistics (including manufacturing),
  • basis of System of Quality Management  for future ISO certification.

All required actions have been taken for labor protection, safety engineering, fire safety, ecology, etc.

Procedures of system and equipment exploitation have been regulated.

Forming requirements (technical, technological), choosing manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, seeking and obtaining premises for rearrangement and construction.

Construction of facility, from choosing European prototype of the object, outline and technological designing in Germany, choosing ground area, obtaining construction permit and optimization of designing as well as construction. 


Development and Management of the Project "Creation of a Vertically Integrated Livestock Complex":

The Complex comprises the following:

- Fodder production facility;

- Reproductive farms;

- Animal breeding complexes (During the first phase, a complex for 28 thousand tons of pork per year is being set up);

- Manure treatment facilities capable of generating biogas of up to 16 thousand cubic metres of methane per day.

- Combined (Cattle/horse/pig/sheep and goats) slaughterhouse with a capacity of 1.3 million head per year;

- Slaughterhouse waste treatment plants.


- Concept development, raw materials planning, choice of technology solutions, project investment program and business plan, corporate and organizational solutions, regulatory and normative documents;

- Identification of land plots, Initial Permit Documentation (IPD), design;

- Attraction of investments - more than 8 billion roubles.

Project investment requirements: 13 billion roubles.


Integrated development of the project, finding and attracting a strategic investor for implementing the project, Establishment of the Largest Export-oriented Agricultural Complex in Siberia and the Far East:

Areas of project implementation:

- Fodder Production – feed production

- Livestock Breeding- the production of pork, beef

- Slaughter and Primary Processing of Livestock

- Crop Production - production of cereals and pulses

- Grain Logistics - conditioning and storage of grain

- Grain Trading - sale of grain


Project Objectives:

- Meeting the demand for chilled meat and raw meat in the domestic market of Siberia and the Far East.

- Development of commercially promising, export-oriented market for production of cereals and pulses.

- Exports of raw meat to Chinese market.

- Establishment of a major agricultural player in Siberia and the Far East.


- Concept development, raw materials planning, investment program and business plan, corporate and organizational solutions, regulatory and normative documentation;

- Look for and attract strategic investment partner from China.

Project investment requirements: more than 50 billion roubles.


Development (development of innovational projects in commercial realty)

Development of the new concept for the Shopping Center that is unique and its main competitive advantage of which under that conditions of stagnation of retail real estate is guaranteed demand  (everything is occupied by the lessees). The proposed concept implies that it could be created a chain of such Shopping centers:

General data about the project:

Category of the building according to the ICSC – Power Center.


  • individuals
  • corporate customers

Potential Lessees:


Quantitative project parameters:

  • IRR > 24%
  • ROI < 8 years
  • Average fillability  > 98%


Retail (development of innovational projects in network retail)

Development of the new concept for the federal retail business that is unique within RF:


  • individuals
  • corporate customers

Quantitative project parameters:

  • Annual segment growth > 30%
  • IRR > 20%
  • ROI < 5 years


In addition:

Development of an organizational and legal model for launch and operation of universal market

Moscow region

Formulation of solutions (selection of the most efficient technology) for the reconstruction project of 120 MW Thermal Power Plant (coal-based) as a technology was identified - CFB (Circulating Fluidized Bed). Rostov region

Development of a scheduled procedure to obtain mining permit (limestone marl), Krasnodar region

And the YUYDI experts took part in the implementation of projects, the formulation of strategies and organizational change management in the largest Russian and major multinational companies. 

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