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About us
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  • Think and let think John Wesley (1703-1791)

About us

YUYDI Management & Consulting was formed basing on the partnerships of independent managers and experts.

YUYDI performs its basic activity on the market of private investments by the following directions:

  • Research & development (R&D)
  • Management (projects, businesses etc.), including trust management
  • Consulting & Outsourcing services

There are new business ideas, perspective projects in the YUYDI innovation R&D laboratory including those which are based on innovation technologies as well as projects with low cost of entrance and significant prospect for the growth of the market.

The team of Senior partners and YUYDI Partners have significant, unique and diversified competence. Most of the Partners have successful experience in consulting as well as practical skills of working in a real sector.

Due to the mentioned above as well as because of some historical pre-conditions YUYDI has started developing actively in the sector of consulting for middle and small-size business.

Except its own professional resources YUYDI has an established international group of companies-partners, world leaders in their fields.

YUYDI advantages are the professional team, usage of the best world and national practices in the area of regular and project management, high standards and quality of service. We perform trust management of businesses and assets of our Clients. We do not have another way except to build a long-term cooperation. Our principle is “We receive award not for advices but for results and achievements of your business, working by the principle “fee from success”.

Just because we are sure in success!

Sincerely Yours,

YUYDI team

YUYDI organizational structure

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